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Mexican Restaurants Coquitlam - When touring all over Mexico, treating yourself to the local traditional foods could become the most unforgettable experience. The first rule for whoever individual traveling the country, is that the you should forget what you previously believed regarding Mexican food, because native Mexican foods are not the same foods that we usually connect with Mexican cooking. Fajitas for instance are not even Mexican at all and several dishes are prepared using less than authentic components and techniques. In the USA, salsa has surpassed the sales of ketchup and melting Cheez Whiz over a dish of corn chips often passes for a lazy nacho preparation.

Mexican cuisine has a reputation for being very bold, and not necessarily hot in flavor. It is very varied and strongly regional. For instance, due to the varying climatic zones in the country, certain food components differ from each region. There are many dishes that are considered favorites inland which are unavailable on the coast and vice versa. This is part of the culinary delight and allure of dining in Mexico.

In traditional Mexican cuisine, there have been many influences, including a variety of Spanish, French and North American practices that have been intermingled with the country's century old Pre-Columbian culinary heritage. These combinations have created a delicious and rich blend of dishes that are envied and copied all over the world.

There are various components famous all around the globe that could be attributed to Central America and Mexico. Items like beans, jicama, squash, vanilla, guava, corn, and papaya, chili peppers, dozens of spices, avocado, chocolate and of course tomatoes.

Regional Dishes

Regional dishes are locally known as Platos regionales. These dishes are recognized for their complex preparation techniques and complex ingredients. Normally, they originate from century old recipes that date back to the arrival of Cortes. Among the more popular dishes consist of mole, that is an amazing dark brown sauce made from more than thirty ingredients and often served over chicken or turkey, a savory dish referred to as pozole which is a soup consisting of hominy and pork. One more popular dish is tamales. These are corn meal filled with cheese or meat or vegetables and steamed in banana or corn husks. There is a famous filling tripe stew that is reputed to be great for hangovers called menudo and called as una cruda within Mexico.

Breakfast Dishes

It is a good idea to be adventurous while traveling in Mexico and try something new for breakfast. Amongst the most popular alternatives are a fried egg served on a fried tortilla smothered in salsa is known as huevos rancheros, or maybe some tortillas cooked in a green tomato sauce served with cheese and cream and chicken known as chilaquiles. There are many tasty dishes to be able to help you start your day like huevos con machaca that is scrambled eggs together with dried beef. Rather than traditional coffee, a common drink alternative is cafe de olla that is coffee served together with cinnamon and dark brown sugar.


Within Mexico, seafood is known as mariscos. It is delectably prepared and ultra abundant because of the nation's geography. Various famous dishes comprise ceviche which is an appetizer consisting of fish or conch marinated in lime juice with tomato, garlic, onion and chile. Grilled shrimp prepared in butter and garlic are known as camarones al mojo de ajo. Another common dish is flilete de pescado that translates to a fish filet prepared in a variety of ways either with or without sauce.

Breads, Tortillas, and Sandwiches

Within Mexico, the equivalents to hamburgers are sandwiches referred to as tortas. Usually, ordering bread at a restaurant means a delicious French style roll referred to as a bolillo. It is remarkable to note that it can be difficult to find tortillas at several resort area restaurants.


Traditional desserts can be an amazing way to finish off your meal. Various Mexican favorites include flambeed mangoes, ice cream, that is referred to as helado on the menu. A light Mexican cheese cake and a caramel custard flan referred to as pastel de queso are all great dishes to experience.

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