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Coquitlam Brunch - A sandwich wrap is quite the same as a burrito, usually made with a flatbread instead and is stuffed with meats and cheeses. Some of the ingredients which are commonly utilized in a sandwich wrap comprise ham, turkey, provolone cheese combined with lettuce and commonly cucumber and tomatoes. To be able to prepare a sandwich wrap, the flatbread is first laid out and all of the components including the sauces are put on top. The flatbread is then folded in a particular way with the ends tucked in to be able to stop the innards from falling out. There is every type of sandwich wrap available including vegetarian, turkey and roast beef. During the 1990s the sandwich wrap gained popularity and it most likely originated from the western coast of the USA, perhaps within the state of California.

Flatbreads are ideal for making sandwich wraps. The bread is laid out and next piled with the ingredients. Some condiments such as salsa are more easily used on a wrap instead of a regular sandwich because the folded bread prevents the sauces from spilling out. Ideally, the wrap should be tightly folded. This can be tricky for novices but will come with ease after some practice. Though the flatbreads used are typically thin, they should be thick enough to be able to handle all of the components without becoming soggy or tearing in the middle. This could prove particularly challenging when the sandwich bread is filled with hot sauces or ingredients, which could hasten the tearing of the sandwich.

Whatever kind of conventional salad or sandwich, generally speaking is able to be put into a sandwich wrap. Various common alternatives will consist of Greek and Caesar salads in addition to a more traditional chef salads. When making a wrap with salads, normally the salad dressing is utilized rather than the sandwich condiments. Some common sandwich wraps consist of fish wraps, veggie wraps and bacon wraps. Depending on preference, the vegetables and meats on a flatbread wrap could either be hot or cold.

There is no one who has taken credit for developing the sandwich wrap, as is quite common for many popular dishes. There are a few sandwich shops who have claimed to have made the first sandwich wrap. Among the myths about the creation state that the restaurant might have run out of bread and thus a flatbread was utilized. Various stories state that the sandwich wrap was a global invention that was influenced by the burrito. These stories remain unverified and the chances are that they will never be proven, although every version could be the likely truth.

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The city of Coquitlam is considered the fifth biggest city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Originally the name Coquitlam was derived from the words, Kickininee or Kokanee, which is a fish coloured red and is similar to sockeye salmon. The place began as a "place-in-between" during the construction of North Road in the middle of 1800's, and its intention was to give Royal Engineers within New Westminster access to the port's all-year facilities within Port Moody. In the 19th Century, Coquitlam grew when Frank Ross and James McLaren opened Fraser Mills, that was a lumber mill situated on Fraser River's northern banks. The next years saw the arrival of some contingents of French Canadian mill workers, and after WWII, Lower mainland and Coquitlam experienced a population explosion that still continues even now...